The Huber Group

The Huber Group

The company history starts in 1983. In this year, the individual enterprise Huber Fahrzeugtechnik was established in Geislingen an der Steige. Thanks to extensions of the range of products and services additional companies were established. The former small-scale company has meanwhile become a growth company active on an international scale.


In the year 2000, Huber Automotive AG was founded with the special aim to work closely with international automotive OEM‟s. Two years later, an in-house electronic manufacturing line was built up. Since then, Huber Group has the ability to produce in-house developed components and systems and therefore to offer “Turn-Key” projects to its customers.


In April 2008, Huber Group Holding SE was founded as holding company with which it became one of the first medium sized companies in Germany to choose the Europe wide legal form “Societas Europaea (SE)”.

Huber Group Holding SE

Planned exterior facade in Mühlhausen

With the foundation of Huber Group Holding SE as holding company in April 2008, a new group structure has been realised. Since then, the single companies can focus on their according key competencies and consequently, they are in the position to further develop their business segments. At the same time, the whole group of companies is able to guarantee a time and cost effective realisation of integrated total solutions. Choosing the legal form of “Societas Europaea” (SE), in order to be registered as European Company, documents the international orientation of Huber Group and creates new possibilities for the entry on additional markets.

Huber Automotive AG

Huber Automotive Asia Pacific Office

Since starting OEM business in the year 2000, Huber Automotive AG has been representing the direct partner for engine and vehicle manufacturers on various continents. The new group structure enables Huber Automotive AG to concentrate on manufacturing and delivering electronic controllers and overall solutions as well in small as in large-scale volumes.

Huber Advanced Technologies SE

Huber HCV (HC Vaporizer)

The complete range of engineering activities will be concentrated in Huber Advanced Technologies after formation. This means that all engineers from the departments of Huber Automotive AG and Huber Fahrzeugtechnik will then be united under the HAT SE. With this competence centre for the sectors of Automotive Electronics, Electronic Manufacturing Services and E-Mobility/ Hybrid, Huber Group will also focus its activities with regards to future technologies.

Huber Fahrzeugtechnik

Complete vehicle testing / Altitude test

Huber Fahrzeugtechnik has been founded in 1983 and represents the official origin of Huber Group. Already from the beginning of the 90s onwards, first products in the field of emission reduction have been developed and sold here. After having outsourced OEM business to Huber Automotive AG and its department to HAT SE, the main focus of Huber Fahrzeugtechnik will be in the field of testing, as well as providing services for prototype vehicles during development and application stage.